CRX-COM Control your TRX from web

crx com software
Doc date : 26/04/2019
Doc update : 23/12/2019
Software version : 1.0.2 build 23122019 / since 1.0.2-2 service run with SSL only.

CRX-COM is an NodeJs application, witch purpose to control your radio transceiver from your webrowser, this control is made with websockets technologies, and serialport management over TCP. 

1. Download CRX-COM :

Current version 1.0.2, 'beta' protocols: elecraft.
Tested : icom, yaesu v1/v2 and kewood.

-  Windows installer
Windows no install,zip file.
Linux no install, zip file.
Mac no install, zip file.

For Raspberry : please read this article

2. Express setup : 

I've build for 64bits plateform the NODEJS package into a ZIP file for LINUX, MACOS and WINDOWS. 
This ZIP file contain :   A binnary, a folder with node js modules, and an ini file. 

- Simply unzip program and root it with root/administrator right needed for SERIAL PORT device operation,
   and also NETWORK Server operation ( open TCP port 8989 on your computer ). 

- To run, launch :   


./CRX-COM-win.exe   ( launch as administrator if needed ). 

If you want you  have also a WINDOWS INSTALLER ( see link on the top ), simply run it ! 
It 'll create shortlink to CRX-COM-win.exe.


chmod +x CRX-COM-linux

On MAC : 

Same as linux + ./CRX-COM-macos

3. If you are "expert" you can do manualy setup, it run on ALL operating systems / ALL plateform x86/x64 : 

First of all, you need NODEJS engine to run CRX-COM, you can download it here :

Windows :

! for 32 bits it's here :

Linux : (for DEBIAN/UBUNTU)

Mac :

Or choose manualy a version (like X86) : 

Note, i build the app with node 10.15.3 witch is the LTS, so if you want to run with lastest version, you will have to rebuild all. 

3.1 Download the CRX-COM NODEJS program : 

Download CRX-COM NODE JS package here 

or directly from GIT :

3.2 Unzip and install depandencies :

Now unzip the package, and run this command into the CRX-COM folder : 

$> npm i

This will install the NODEJS app. 

3.2 Run the CRX-COM 

Now you can run the CRX-COM ( before go to CRX Website ) and configure the software via the "CAT" button on the CRX Website. 

For info, you must run the command with root, because the program need access to serial device. 

$>node bin.js

The server.js is launch via bin.js, it simply a little launcher ! 
Of course, you can build a little script : 

cd /your/path/
node bin.js

And into config.ini  you can change the debug, and put program to silent mode, 
you can also change the TCP port. 

4. Configure your transceiver on Website :

Configure your WEB-BROWSER

Run CRX-COM program in background or on your rasberry, and run this into your web-browser :

https://[IP OF CRX-COM]:9090/   by default :

Normally you can see an testing page. 

If you have a problem with the certificate, it's normal, CRX-COM use a self-signed certificate !
So simply comfirm security warning, you can also install it on your computer to prevent the SSL message. 
Go to your install , into sslcert directory, copy cert.pem to cert.crt, and install it into your web browser. 

You can now go to step 4 to configure your radio transceiver from CRX Website !
Clic on the CAT  button on the site : 

cat 1

Launch the CRX-COM program on the background.
Finaly, choose your equipement, contructor, here i've a FT817, 

The PORT COM in the list, here COM4. 

I dont touch the advanced options, normaly it must be OK. 

And now clic on "Save, apply config and connect" btton that all  :)


If you have  a look to CRX-COM, it display this message, that connexion is OK, client have  a set his configuration : 


Now you can try it, go to dxcluster, band map or logbook and try to clic on a frequency.
Good trafic with CRX-COM !