News and platform updates 14/10/2022

Soumis par f4eyq le ven 14/10/2022 - 12:36

Hello everyone,

I proceeded to update the CRX servers (Debian/security) and also adjust the amount of RAM on the machines.

CRX will be probably migrated by 2023/2024 to a new, less powerful and less expensive OVH server.

Regarding the servers administration, I will continue to manage it because it was not possible to train other people.

Thank you all, 73


Maintenance et infos sur l'infrastructure CRX du 10/06/2022

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Hello everyone,

Good news, someone has offered to take over the CRX platform. The project will be able to continue if all goes well after October 2022.
As it is, I will be able to support and train him to maintain the platform and migrate to a smaller and less expensive server.

I plan to train 2 people, if one of you has LINUX/PHP skills, he will be welcome in the team.
This morning I also proceeded to a security update on all WEB CRX servers, following major flaws that have just arrived (apache).

Maintenance sur l'infrastructure CRX du 10/10/2021

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Bonjour à tous, 

Le projet CRX (cluster, radio, xml)  fête ses 16 ans pour la version 11M et 7 ans pour la version HAM.
Pour l'occasion, l'interface WEB a été refondue sur les sites HAM & 11M.

L'ensemble des serveurs ont aussi été mis à jour et tournent maintenant sous DEBIAN 11.1.
Un grand merci aux personnes qui ont participées à cette nouvelle version.

Maintenance sur l'infrastructure CRX du 07/09/2021

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L'ensemble des serveurs CRX (2 serveurs physique et 23 serveurs virtuels) ont été migrés sous DEBIAN BUSTER (version 11, stable).

Cela permet un support des mises à jour de sécurité jusque Juin 2026. La prochaine maintenance serveurs est prévue pour le 6/2/2022.

73 à tous,




Publish your QSO into CRXLOGBOOK via API.

Soumis par f4eyq le mer 11/08/2021 - 10:21

Hello to all, 

For people who have website and record QSO, i've create a PHP function who work with CRXLOGBOOK for QSO forwarding.
With it you can transfert new QSO into CRX-LOGBOOK.

For example you can : 
- Forward a QSO to your WEBSITE (it's send with ADIF format) save it into MYSQL. 
- And then in the PHP you can add this function wich forward ADIF QSO to CRXLOGBOOK. 

Tnx to Daniel F6FLU for the test/idea with LOG4OM, here is the PHP CODE to use :