Mise à jour du 31/03/2019

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Update 31/03/2019
		-	Update all crx server's ( last DEBIAN update v9.6 to 9.8 ).
		-	PHP Come in last Debian version 7.3.3 ( with custom setup for memcached ).
		-	CRX Framework PHP is now in version 2.0.2. 
		-	UPDATE CRX-FRAMEWORK (now 2.0.2): 
				Improve code loading speed via wingrind.
				Add HTML compression system, improve user authentification, 
		        Update FancyBox component to last version ( 2.1.7 ), 
				This tool is use to display radio station picture. 
		- BUG : Correct non managed exeption inside the machine learning process from NOAA propagation data, 
				Sometime solar flux doesnt appair into FTP buletin, and machine learning generated exception on it. 
				I corrected this problem by making sure that the wrong data does not fit into the calculations.		

		-	BUG : Correct bug on PAYPAL Button.
		-   BUG : Correct bug inside IFRAME spots sharing. 
		-   BUG : Correct bug inside the search engine display (with DarkDisplay). 
		-	BUG : Correct display bug into search engine part, protected quote was not removed into spot comment. 	
	- LOGBOOK (now 1.6.9): 
			- Add new log format : CRX-XML, this format is the native log format of CRX-LOGBOOK :)
								   This format include your QSO, your CUSTOM FIELDS definition and it natively compressed. 
			- Add new modes : JT9, JT4, QRA64, ISCAT.
			- Add new ADIF field : TX_PWR use by FT8 WSJT-X program, the value is map to reserved fields. 			
			- ADIF : improve log importation, for contest log without DXCC info, crx will calcul missing country id ( via contact callsign). 
			- Add new custom field type : the list , you can now define custom input list example here i want a SHORT PATH/LONG PATH INPUT in my log :  
				simply put this into list definition : "Long path=>LP,Short path=>SP"
				or you can also do : "=>NULL,Long path=>LP,Short path=>SP;DEFVAL=SP"
				- First value will be an empty value, second LP and SP. 
				- You can set also your field visible name into your logbook and into your log file ( ex CUSTOM ADIF KEY ) 
			- New QSO filters into your log qso view : ( clic on column name funnel picture ). 		
				- Add new filter on DATE column, you can now filter your QSO by date range filter. 
				- Add new filter on QRG column, you can select one or more band of frequency. 
				  include sub (cw/ssb/digit), it the same as dxcluster view. 				  
				- Add new filter on MAP column, you can select one or more country.				
				- Add new filter on MODE column, you can select one or multiples modes. 			
			- Inside QSO view, add link to dxcluster database lookup for each QSO, you can view last spots with your qso callsign ( link name is 'Db', inside column 'Info'). 
			- Add QSO number inside the qso search engine, you can use also callsign. 						
			- Add Statistics on QRA LOCATOR.
				Count qra locator zone on a given log.
				Display this QSO on MAP application via one clic. 
				Display ALSO QSO without locator definition ( via capital city coordination ). 				
			- Add Statistics on countries and modes repartition, tnx to Gildas F4FRG and Jerome F4HJO for the test log files. 			
			- Add statistics filters : by country(s), time range, locator(s), logs(s), band of frequency(s) (you can combine all of them).
			- Add a QSO timeline display ( graph ) it display nb qso/h, and use same filters as other statistics. 				
			- Inside QSO view, add link to dxcluster database lookup for each QSO, you can view last spots with your qso callsign ( link name is 'Db', inside column 'Info'). 
			- Add QSO number inside the qso search engine, you can use also callsign. 						
			- QSO add : add beaming and distance information  into callsign auto completion in adding a qso.	
			- Improve logs view display, via a cache system ( about 3x faster for big logs files ). 
			- Correct display bug's and also improve it, add cache system on mysql function.
			- BUG : Into IFRAME, when you share your log, an HTTP redirect was done, i added an option on the framework to disable this behavior.
					This BUG also affect DXCLUSTER IFRAME. 
			- BUG : Order by date was not 100% ok, i've change column type char to int and now it work ( date type is interger timestamp ). 
			- BUG : inside full screen mode, shortcut wasnt working now it ok!   ( try ctrl + alt + n  for new qso ). 
			- BUG : inside full screen mode, shortcut to task(s) viewer wasnt working ( because js librairy was missing ). 

	- EQSL (now 0.5): 
		-	BUG : Add SNR field for FT8 eqsl for example, it was missing in past (report ON4CKT). 
				  now you can generate eqsl from logbook with correct SNR or radio report information. 
	- EMAP (now 3.0.6): 
		-	BUG : Fix display problem on popup, for Dark theme, txt was not display correctly.

	- USERS : 
		- 	BUG : Correct bug into user profile edition, png picture format was not resized as expected. 

	- COUNTRY Database : 
		-	BUG : Correct Republic of Palau country, missing latitude and longitude (T8).