Mise à jour du 12/01/2019

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machine learning noaa


Hello to all,

Prediction propagation tool is now online after a long work starting in june 2018, you can use it via the button "METEO" and PREDICT button.

This tools is based on Machine Learning program, it run with dxcluster spots data and NOAA data ( solar flux, k/a planetary index). It's can be used to study the MUF.

I've take a long time to put it online, because, i test a lot of algorithm and i've to wait NOAA history data of 5 to 6 month for the algorithm to be efficient.

Note that for the moment, band of frequency with few dxspots are not handled correctly by artificial intelligence.

But I've added a real cross data view to it, so you can choose to see the data for the last 7 days.

Finally the code of the application is open source, and do not hesitate if you know you in math and propagation!

73 and good weekend,