Publish your LOG4OM QSO on CRXLOGBOOK Online.

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This article explain how to syncronise your LOG4OM QSO via ADIF POST to CRXLOGBOOK online. 

1. CRX-LOGBOOK online 

On CRX Cloud (  Let's create an empty LOG, we publish it online via an IFRAME.   ( Clic on "My radio log(s) button, new log, and save it )  If you want to hide "Hour/Minute" from your log, simply set type as "DXPEDITION", you can do this operation later by editing your online log : 

Now,  Clic on the padlock picture to get a "Token code" : 

We generate this token is used for log syncronisation, write it into a notepad for the next step's , here it's : 

 (  11-88867c87-f3f4c34a ) 

This code is only visible by you and will never be display by other user's.

2. Run LOG4OM software

Clic on "Settings" > "Program Configuration"

=> On the left clic on "ADIF functions"
=> Then clic on "ADIF POST" button.
=> Check "Enable ADIF web transmission" 
=> Into Target URL, past this value :
=> Use "POST" and check "Transmit data HTMLEncoded".

Inside POST / GET parameters add : 

Key :        qso
Value :     <ADIF>

And  : 

Key:         t 
Value:     11-88867c87-f3f4c34a             (  * remplace this value by your token LOG generated in STEP 1 ). 

And finally into "Expeted answer if OK" type :      OK

Exemple : 


That all !   for info you have to wait 1/2min before see your QSO into your CRXLOGBOOK Log.