Mise à jour du 10/05/2019

Soumis par f4eyq le ven 10/05/2019 - 19:08
		- Add shorcut to launch logbook on a spot. 
		  This system also set the TRX frequency. 
		  You can double-clic on a spot / or clic on Log ( see Qrz column ).   
		  Thank to Vincent PE2VAV for this idea !

		  Implement MODE calcul from comment inside spot 
		  and if not present calcul from BAND MAP static for the moment.
	- LOGBOOK : Now in version 1.7.3. 
	- CRXCOM : Now in version 1.0.1. 		  

Next step : Implement user define bandmap ( request Daniel F6FLU ). 		  
Implement rotator control via serial port with CRX-COM.