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CSV format can be import into CRXLOGBOOK Log,
here is an example : 


Example data : 

06/01/2021 13:03;F4EYQ;F5ORE;Alain;JN18DT;59;59;FM;439650.00;70cm;TG 20844
06/04/2021 15:40;F4EYQ;F4ICI;Antoine;JN18DT;59;59;FM;439650.00;70cm;

On the first line, you must have column name, we will see in next step how to map each column of CSV with Log Database column.

1. Create an empty log

Into the CRXLOGBOOK we create an empty log, here is TEST_CSV. 
- Clic on "My radio log" and "Create a new log"
- Simply set a name and save it.

2. Import and configure CSV data into this log

Clic on "Import/export QSO" button, and clic on "Import QSO from file to my database." 
- Upload your CSV log.
- Choose "CSV" into the format and "TEST_CSV" into the target log.
- Into Target choose the target log into the list, here it's :  "TEST_CSV". 

Clic on "Save" and "Start importing : Yes".

Now, we simply map each column of CSV with LOGBOOK Database field,
We can also transform input data. 

For each logbook column name, we can choose our CSV column name,
In this example, i've put the same name, but it can be different : 


On the "logentry_date" field, we must convert it to logbook date format ( witch is UNIX TIMESTAMP ),
So we clic on "Configure import for this field" link and set the date conversion : 


After, we simply save with the "save" button. 
We repeat same mapping operation for all of our CSV fields. 

Has you can see, you have various functions to modify input data :

Now we can test import via the "Test import." button : 


Here all is OK, we control the date. 

And now you can import your data, via the "Run data importation" button.

That all, Good trafic with CRXLOGBOOK  ;)