New version of CRX release 17/05/2020

Soumis par f4eyq le dim 17/05/2020 - 12:53

Hello to all ,

I've update CRX, it now support : 
TRX pooling (via CRX-COM), multi radio support, improve CRX-COM configuration interface.
- Multiple radio stations.
- Dxpedition online log (remove Heure/Min from date).
- Your can configure now your startup module (dxcluster/map/logbook).

Here is the eMap application : you can now run it via the top menu "Map" ,  you can control your TRX from the MAP also,
i've improve the "QSO marqer part" try to clic on QSO on the map, i've add "frequency" and QRZ.COM lookup on it : 



To configure your startup module :  Simply clic on "Configure my display" or into your user profile and set this option : 


Dxpedition log support requested by F6EXV :  you can now modify your existing log, by modify log type )
and here is an example of IFRAME, the hour/minute are now hidden if your log is "DXpedition type" : 



About CRX-COM  :
i've improve the configuration part : 
- You have now a button to select your radio-station (you can configure 10 differents radio stations).
- The current selected radio station is attached to your WEB-BROWSER via a COOKIE (when you clic on the radio station selector and on "Save, apply config, connect" button). 
- You have new button, to make an HTTPS test with your CRX-COM service (it run HTTPS request on a new Window). 
-  You have now 2 new configurations part one for color of display, second for radio transceiver pooling interval ( default is 3sec ). 

73 to all ,

PS : details :