Publish your logger32 QSO on CRXLOGBOOK Online.

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This article explain how to publish your LOGGER32 QSO online via N2AMG software and CRXLOGBOOK, with this system you can publish your QSO on your BLOG or on your QRZ.COM page.  The software can also put your log on LOTW, eQSL, CLUBLOG, HRDLOG, QRZ LOGBOOK and FTP if you need.

1. CRX-LOGBOOK online 

On CRX Cloud (  Let's create an empty LOG, we publish it online via an IFRAME.   ( Clic on "My radio log(s) button, new log, and save it )  If you want to hide "Hour/Minute" from your log, simply set type as "DXPEDITION", you can do this operation later by editing your online log : 

Now,  Clic on the padlock picture to get a "Token code" : 

We generate this token is used for log syncronisation, write it into a notepad for the next step's , here it's : 

 (  11-88867c87-f3f4c34a ) 

This code is only visible by you and will never be display by other user's.

2.1 Install N2AMG software

You can download syncronisation program here :
Here i've install it here :     C:\BIN\LOGGER32\L32SYNC\

=> Note your install PATH into a NOTEPAD for example, it will be used in next step's.

2. LOGGER32 configuration

If you don't already have LOGGER32 you can download it here :

Launch your LOGGER32 instance,  Go to menu : "Tools" and " Utility Program menu setup" : 

Put this :    " LogSyncInternet " , "C:\BIN\LOGGER32\L32SYNC\L32LogSync.exe" (put this via your BROWSE BUTTON ),
Don't forget to check the case on the left, and then click on " Apply" button. 

You can now restart your LOGGER32 instance. 
Now LOGGER32 start this sync program : 

Clic on "Program setup" tab on configure like that : 

Clic on "Open Website Upload Setup" button, then put this value : 

Path to upload script :[YOUR TOKEN CODE] 

Here in my example it's  :

- File "Name field in" :     put :   "Filename
- "Webserver Port" :  put    "443"

So we have this, we can now close this window : 


sync 3

Now we can restart LOGGER32.

2.3 Test QSO 

Here is send a "TEST" QSO, i've to wait few seconds, to see it online : 

Your QSO are now visible on CRX-LOGBOOK online, after few seconds : 

You can now publish it to your QRZ.COM or your BLOG via this operation, clic on the "Console" picture like this : 

Now simply copy paste this HTML IFRAME CODE  to your BLOG/QRZ.COM : 


For example :
Of Course you can also publish your QSO MAP via the same operation, 

Here is a preview :  
example :

Conclusion : with this system you can publish your QSO on your QRZ.COM page, or on your BLOG page for example and make a backup on the "Cloud" if your PC crash.  Of course on CRXLOGBOOK online you can manage QSO, move QSO to another online LOG,  and edit it, make statistics etc ... 

Note that i've contact QRZ.COM they dont accept CRX-QSO-MAP and CRX-STATS-LOG IFRAME only QSO IFRAME WORK on QRZ.COM,
so use your own BLOG,  their site security is not ready with CRX advanced IFRAME CODE, probably in future i hope they trust CRX Cloud Data. 

You contact also QRZ.COM Admin to mention that if you want STATS/MAP on your QRZ.COM page ! 

Good trafic to all  73,
Bastien F4EYQ