Publish your LOG4OM QSO on CRXLOGBOOK Online.

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This article explain how to syncronise your LOG4OM QSO via ADIF POST to CRXLOGBOOK online. 

1. CRX-LOGBOOK online 

On CRX Cloud (  Let's create an empty LOG, we publish it online via an IFRAME.   ( Clic on "My radio log(s) button, new log, and save it )  If you want to hide "Hour/Minute" from your log, simply set type as "DXPEDITION", you can do this operation later by editing your online log : 

Now,  Clic on the padlock picture to get a "Token code" : 

We generate this token is used for log syncronisation, write it into a notepad for the next step's , here it's : 

 (  11-88867c87-f3f4c34a ) 

This code is only visible by you and will never be display by other user's.

2. Run LOG4OM software

Clic on "Settings" > "Program Configuration"

=> On the left clic on "ADIF functions"
=> Then clic on "ADIF POST" button.
=> Check "Enable ADIF web transmission" 
=> Into Target URL, past this value :
=> Use "POST" and check "Transmit data HTMLEncoded".

Inside POST / GET parameters add : 

Key :        qso
Value :     <ADIF>

And  : 

Key:         t 
Value:     11-88867c87-f3f4c34a             (  * remplace this value by your token LOG generated in STEP 1 ). 

And finally into "Expeted answer if OK" type :      OK

Exemple : 


That all !   for info you have to wait 1min before see your QSO into your CRXLOGBOOK Log,
You can ajust the time sync parameters into, go to "Program settings" and "Program Scheduler" to change it.