How to publish your QSO or a map of your QSO on your site.

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This short article explain how to publish your QSO (from CRXLOGBOOK)
and a map of your QSO on your BLOG or QRZ.COM page for example.

On CRX Website : 

->  Open your logbook ( link logbook on the top ).
->  Open your log's via the button "My radio logs".
->  Now clic on this picture terminal to export your log as an IFRAME HTML.

In this example, i publish a view of my last QSO, you can also publish a map of your QSO or some statistics. 


Now simply copy HTML code to your site : 


Example of QSO log here :

Note here, i'm using the publication button  terminal on "LOGS-QSO", it's a group of LOGS, 
So it will publish ALL logs from this group into an IFRAME : 


Important, if your LOG must be display WITHOUT any hours information on the date part, 
you can edit log on CRX and select "DX Peditions" mode.