CRX-REMOTE - an interface to share your radio-station online.

Soumis par f4eyq le sam 31/08/2019 - 17:00

Hello to all, 

I'm happy to present the new CRX feature call CRX-REMOTE, 
for the moment in beta version, here is a diagram : 

crx remote

As you can see, the system is based on a nodejs server and client run into web-browser, 
the VOIP codec is port into ASM via a compilation of Opus codec software. 

The broadcaster client encode his data via a worker JS witch run opus encoding and send packet
to nodejs via broadcast function implement into server side. 

I've set a complete configuration window for this beta to improve your sound setting, 
note that the client if configure automaticly via a stream configuration management on server side. 

Hope it clear now, 
73 to all,

PS: the code is open source, available on
software  is available on for HAM Radio people , 
or CB version :