vQSL - How it works ?

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This is a new electronic QSL card system that:
- validates QSO's
- and delivers QSL cards to users.

Principles :

A simple electronic QSL card verification and delivery process.

Only QSOs certified by the system cause QSL card generation for users.

Each user will certify his account on the CRX Cloud radio with his amateur radio license.

One declares only once :

- his amateur radio license to validate his account.

- its "model" image of its QSL (in the VQSL application), the "CRX-VQSL" application also allows you to compose a card.

- we associate a "design" with this card (how we want to format the text, the colors etc ...).

View process here

Then we load its radio traffic :

- its log, then its regularly updated log, or as its QSOs progress.

- you can also add your QSOs from the "CRX-LOGBOOK" online application.

Then we receive our QSL cards in a mailbox:

- via the "CRX-VQSL" application

- from the phone via the mobile application https://m.crx.cloud/

QSO validation principle :

- Only validated QSOs (present in the logs of the user and his correspondent provokes the exchange of QSL).

- A "vQSL" stamp is assigned to the QSL card, it includes the date of sending in the card and a unique VQSL code.

Proposed ADIF implementation :

<VQSL_QSO_VALIDATED: 1> Y indicates that the QSO has been validated by the VQSL system.
<VQSL_QSO_VALIDATED: 1> N indicates that the QSO is not (yet) validated.

Please note, this tag is only used for information when exporting QSOs from CRX-LOGBOOK,
It is intended for other software to display the status of the QSO (just like the EQSLCC or LOTW status).

When importing QSOs into a log on CRX-LOGBOOK, the status of QSOs imported and updated automatically,
thus indicating the QSOS validated by VQSL.