Mise à jour du 31/03/2019

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Update 31/03/2019
		-	Update all crx server's ( last DEBIAN update v9.6 to 9.8 ).
		-	PHP Come in last Debian version 7.3.3 ( with custom setup for memcached ).
		-	CRX Framework PHP is now in version 2.0.2. 
		-	UPDATE CRX-FRAMEWORK (now 2.0.2): 
				Improve code loading speed via wingrind.
				Add HTML compression system, improve user authentification, 
		        Update FancyBox component to last version ( 2.1.7 ), 
				This tool is use to display radio station picture.

Mise à jour du 02/02/2019

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Hello to all,

I've update CRX, this update is not "visible" on the user interface, but it will improve machine learning process ( METEO / PROPAGATION part ).

I've add a statistics caching system, witch improve the execution time of learning process ( call training in machine learning ).

This cache will normally divide the time by 5 ! 
I wait now the end off first exuction process to see the benefit on the next IA launch.

Mise à jour du 12/01/2019

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Hello to all,

Prediction propagation tool is now online after a long work starting in june 2018, you can use it via the button "METEO" and PREDICT button.

This tools is based on Machine Learning program, it run with dxcluster spots data and NOAA data ( solar flux, k/a planetary index). It's can be used to study the MUF.

I've take a long time to put it online, because, i test a lot of algorithm and i've to wait NOAA history data of 5 to 6 month for the algorithm to be efficient.

Mise à jour du 16/11/2018

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- Dxcluster : 
	- Add new window " Highlighting dx spots" options ( F6FLU request ). 
	- Nodes filtering : add search engine, to select node with name start by X, simply clic on Dxnode column title. 
	- DISPLAY Configuration : improve configuration part, add reset option and DxccAlerter conf, add also frequency/band default setting for spots. 
	- DXCC Alerter : add sort by Callsign / Date.

Infra CRX - Reconstruction du cluster MYSQL GTID Actif/Passif

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Reconstruction du cluster MYSQL GTID Actif/Passif
Date : 17/10/2018


root@crx-hyp01 ~ # cat /etc/mysql/mariadb.conf.d/50-server.cnf  | grep id | grep -v 'pid'
gtid-domain-id  =       1
server_id       =       1

Le serveur crx-bck01 ne rempli plus correctement son rôle de serveur SLAVE MYSQL (erreur de réplication MYSQL);
Et le serveur crx-hyp01 est le serveur MASTER MYSQL. 

CRX - Infrastructure description.

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Voici un petit schéma qui résume l'infrastructure qui compose CRX.CLOUD, 

au final c'est assez simple  :

=> 2 serveurs primaire  / secondaire   

=> 1 serveur dédié au backup. 


Sur le serveur primaire, tourne des serveurs virtuels : ( 10 au total , web, spider, supervision, mail, scheduler , firewall ). 

Les données du serveur primaire sont répliquées en temps réel sur le serveur secondaire ( logs+spots+données utilisateurs ) .

Enfin les backup's eux sont faire toutes les 24H sur un autre serveur dédié.