11meter dxcluster network

The project 11mcluster, start with Rick 30RC222 and Ton  30IR030,  they modify original code of dxspider,

to allow 11M callsign.  They stop project "www.11mcluster.net" so i continue from CRX this project

of  dxcluster - network for 11 meter  communitie. 

The dxcluster network today is based on WEB nodes and DXCLUSTER nodes (dxtelnet). 

For the web node, i've develop a syncronisation system based on task scheduler and various php script. 

If you want to setup system and join the network, i can send you the script it's only one php script. 

This script is called via webservice, from CRX server, every 30sec to 1 min you can chosse the time interval depending your server capacities.

New dxspots from WEB nodes are inject into 11mcluster network ( via crx-dxspider server witch is connected to dxcluster network ). 

And new dxspots from DXTELNET part are inject into linked  WEB nodes, via crx-dxspider and task scheduler system that i develop. 

You can contact me ( 14crx004 ( at ) crx.cloud )    to optain dxspider source code, to install your own dxcluster node. 

73 to all , 
Bastien 14CRX004